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Abstehende Ohren / Segelohren, Knick Ohr

System to correct
the outer ear in infancy

The best for my child

We hope our children will have a happy, carefree childhood. However, children often suffer from physical problems such as malformations of the outer ear, which can make their young lives difficult.

By using EarWell™ you can give your child attractive, naturally-shaped ears in just a few weeks.

Photos before and after treatment with EarWell™ provide impressive evidence of the successful outcome of this therapy:


  • Ohrdeformität: fehlende Helixausformung
  • Verformung bei Babyohren – Knick Ohr
  • Ohrfehlbildungen bei Babies: Stahlohrdeformität
  • Fehlbildung der Ohren bei Säuglingen: Tanzer II
  • Geknicktes Ohr eines Neugeborenen
  • Korrektur von Kinderohren
  • Fehlbildungen der Ohren von Kindern
  • Ohrenkorrektur mit EarWell
  • Ohrfehlbildung

Mutter mit Baby beim Arzt – OhrkorrekturYou are not alone

Between 20 % and 35 % of all newborns have malformations of the outer ear.

EarWell™ provides doctors with the opportunity to correct most types and degrees of malformations in babies’ outer ears as rapidly as possible.

The EarWell™ system can be fitted in just a few simple steps, it is painless for the baby and only takes minutes. 

EarWell™ has a success rate of more than 90 %.


Protect my child

A malformation of the outer ear could be seen as a purely aesthetic flaw. However, this completely ignores the negative effects on the physical and emotional development of the child. Studies suggest that children with facial malformations such as deformed ears are, unfortunately, frequently exposed to teasing and ridicule from other children.

With EarWell™ you can create the foundation for a happy childhood and have a positive effect on your child’s future.


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