Beautiful baby ears without surgery


Beautiful baby ears without surgery


We will gladly tell you how to become an EarWell® specialist!

The EarWell® ear correction system opens up completely new possibilities, on which we will be happy to advise you without obligation! Just write us a short eMail to or call us: +43 7612 204 55

Benefit from EarWell® as a doctor

The EarWell® system convinces with the following advantages:

Easy to learn, best treatment results

Malformations of the auricles in children often go unnoticed. Although statistical surveys show an incidence rate between 20% and 35%, an ear deformity is often not given the necessary attention. Yet, with early treatment, you as a doctor can save your patients and their parents years of worry and the risks of future surgery!

EarWell® can be used on any infant’s ear as early as the first preventive examination – you receive the complete equipment in a practical set. The innovative procedure to correct deformities on infant ears painlessly and effectively in the long term is explained in a detailed training video. A single performed application is enough to become an expert of the EarWell® method.

The application of the system to the infant’s ear is done in a few simple steps, is painless and is completed within a few minutes. The treatment duration varies from case to case and is approximately 2 to 6 weeks.

Scientific sources

The EarWell® system has been extensively studied, especially in the USA. Numerous studies and professional articles emphasize its high effectiveness. But also in China, Singapore and Israel EarWell® celebrates a triumphal procession. Here you will find an excerpt of the most important scientific publications.

Ear deformities for which EarWell® has a corrective effect

EarWell® allows the correction of most types and severities of ear deformities including mixed forms within a single general treatment protocol.

Physical and emotional effects

A malformation of the auricle could be understood as a purely aesthetic flaw. However, this completely ignores the negative impact on the child’s physical and emotional development. Teasing and ridicule due to facial deformities such as ear deformities are unfortunately common – and can cause low self-confidence, anxiety, increased social isolation and emotional withdrawal.

Through the doctor’s particularly trusting relationship with the patient’s parents, the child’s development can be influenced at an early stage here – with the help of EarWell® therapy.