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Mutter mit Kind im Arm - Ohrkorrektur

Treatment with the EarWell System

EarWell™is a clinically tested medical product.

The EarWell™ system is fitted to the baby’s ear within the first few days after birth.

  • Ohrdeformität: fehlende Helixausformung
  • Verformung bei Babyohren – Knick Ohr
  • Ohrfehlbildungen bei Babies: Stahlohrdeformität
  • Fehlbildung der Ohren bei Säuglingen: Tanzer II
  • Geknicktes Ohr eines Neugeborenen
  • Korrektur von Kinderohren
  • Fehlbildungen der Ohren von Kindern
  • Ohrenkorrektur mit EarWell
  • Ohrfehlbildung

Benefits of EarWell™

The EarWell™ system can be fitted

  • without an operation
  • without anaesthetic or medication
  • without pain

The success rate is above 90 %.

Geknicktes Babyohr – Knick Ohr mit EarWell erfolgreich behandelt

Ärztin mit Baby in Arztpraxis - OhrkorrekturAct now!

EarWell™ can be fitted to any baby’s ear in the first postnatal check-up.

It only takes a few minutes to fit the system in the doctor’s surgery without an operation, and there is no need for either anaesthetic or medication. Fitting EarWell™ System to the baby’s ear is painless and can enable normal development of the outer ear. The treatment takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

Please ask your doctor to find out if EarWell™ is suitable to treat a particular type of malformation.

EarWell can help!

Without treatment, only 10 %* of malformed ears in newborns grow into a normal ear shape. The malformation often remains unchanged, however in some cases it can become even more pronounced. But unfortunately it is not possible to give a prognosis of the progress of the malformation.

Until now there have been no reliable and safe non-surgical ways to treat ear malformations in newborns.

Parents would simply have to hope that their child’s outer ear would develop normally or put their child through the fear of an operation after the age of 4 or 5 years.
EarWell™ can now help your child quickly and easily!


* According to a study published in the Journal of the Canadian Pediatric Society

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