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Baby mit Arzt: Korrektur der Ohrmuschel

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  • Ohrdeformität: fehlende Helixausformung
  • Verformung bei Babyohren – Knick Ohr
  • Ohrfehlbildungen bei Babies: Stahlohrdeformität
  • Fehlbildung der Ohren bei Säuglingen: Tanzer II
  • Geknicktes Ohr eines Neugeborenen
  • Korrektur von Kinderohren
  • Fehlbildungen der Ohren von Kindern
  • Ohrenkorrektur mit EarWell
  • Ohrfehlbildung

Advantages of EarWell™

  • Easy to learn (comprehensive training video)
  • Fast procedure (ten to twenty minutes)
  • Large, defined market
  • Hardly any investment costs for the doctor
  • The success rate is above 90 %
  • No cost for surgery and anaesthetic
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive procedure

Treatment with the EarWell system - simple and quick to learn

Malformations of the outer ear in children are often ignored. Although statistical surveys show an incidence rate between 20 % and 35 %, ear deformities are often not given the attention they require.

As a doctor, you can save your patients and their parents many years of worry and the prospect of a future operation.

EarWell™ can be fitted to any baby’s ear in the first postnatal check-up. You receive everything you need in a practical kit.

The procedure for the EarWell™ system is easy to learn and can be used quickly and skilfully. All doctors can become experts in the use the EarWell™ system and in correcting ear malformations by watching the comprehensive training video included in the package supplied and by carrying out a single fitting.

The EarWell™ system can be fitted onto the baby’s ear in just a few simple steps; it is painless and only takes minutes. The treatment takes about 4 to 6 weeks.


Scientific studies

In a recently published study in the J Perinatal, no normalisation of ear shape could be observed in twenty untreated infantile ear malformations. A larger-scale study, which was published in the Journal of the Canadian Pediatric Society, showed an improvement of the ear shape in only 10 % of babies. Finally, a Japanese longitudinal study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery concluded that while some ear malformations correct themselves others remain unchanged or become even more pronounced over time. An important finding in the study was that it was not possible to make a prognosis about the progress of the deformity.

Until now there have been no reliable and safe non-surgical ways to treat ear malformations.

It was necessary to wait until the age of four or five years old before correcting the outer ear in order to ensure the physical maturity for invasive surgery. The only other option was a wait-and-see approach - in the hope that a self-correction of the ear would take place.

Common deformities of the outer ear in which EarWell™ can bring about an improvement:

EarWell™ enables correction of most types and severities of ear malformations under a single general treatment protocol.

  • Stahl’s ear deformity
  • Mild, moderate to severe cup ear deformity
  • Missing helix formation
  • Satyr ear
  • Protruding outer ear
  • Curled up ear (Tanzer Type I)

Cosmetic blemish or debilitating malformation?

A malformation of the outer ear could be seen as purely aesthetic flaw. However, this completely ignores the negative effects on the physical and emotional development of the child. Studies suggest that children with facial malformations such as deformed ears are, unfortunately, frequently exposed to teasing and ridicule from other children. This leads to low self-confidence, anxiety, increased social isolation and emotional withdrawal.

The relationship you enter into with the parents of your patients puts you into a special position of, on the one hand, being able to dispel the parents’ fears for their child and at the same time to have a positive influence on the development of the child - through treatment with EarWell™.

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